Our Story

Edward Smith always dreamed of owning a wine bar. His passion for fine wine and great coffee is shared by Leeann King, who he befriended in recent years through a mutual friend. Both Edward and Leeann opened Bach 16 in December 2013.

Their background included magazines and hospitality

Leeann worked for years as a manager in the leisure and hospitality industry. Edward, who owns Suburbia Magazine came to Leeann with the idea of Bach 16, having learned that an advertiser with Suburbia who resided at 16 bachelor’s walk had moved on and the premises was available to let, Leeann jumped at the idea of making her dream a reality.

How did they come up with the name Bach 16

The name Bach 16 didn’t come easy. Leeann and Edward mulled over  numerous suggestions  from family and friends before Bach 16 , which other than the obvious origins of  the name, the address ’16 Bachelor’s Walk’ Bach 16 is also a play on Sebastian Bach’s sixteenth Symphony  and that there are notes in music and in wine… 


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Opening Hours

  • Monday: 6pm-10pm
  • Tuesday: 12:30pm -9pm
  • Wednesday-Sunday: 12:30pm - til late
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